Medius and Launchpad Technologies form partnership to deliver iPaaS for Accounts Payable

Executive Summary: Launchpad and Medius partner to provide a seamless integration process across Medius customers procure-to-pay solutions with any system.

Press Release
Press Release
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Through their cloud-hosted iPaaS platform, PaasportTM, Launchpad Technologies simplifies software integration and workflow automation for companies across financial, technology, and manufacturing industries. The platform helps customers to launch integrations faster and more efficiently while managing and supporting them 24/7, allowing businesses to operate and respond with agility. For Medius customers, this means a seamless integration process across their entire suite of procure-to-pay solutions with any system.

PaasportTM is a scalable platform that enables automation of data and user workflows to increase client operational efficiency. As a key partner across sales teams, Launchpad will provide Medius customers with 24/7 lifecycle support, minimizing the risk of errors and streamlining integration launches.

Matt Rhodus, vice president of Business Development & Strategic Initiatives, Medius, comments: “Enterprise integration has been a challenge for IT departments and it is one of the top business needs of our customers. This partnership with Launchpad Technologies creates an opportunity to transform the accounts payable process because customers can easily connect and manage data in disparate systems giving them real-time data exchange. Launchpad’s iPaaS platform will help our customers to enhance collaboration while monitoring and supporting applications consistently. We are thrilled to partner with Launchpad to provide Medius customers with a simplified and smooth integration process.”

Gord Boisvert, Director of Professional Services and PMO, Launchpad, comments: “We are delighted to partner with Medius to make integration easier and more rewarding for Medius customers around the world,” said Launchpad Head of Global Operations, Gord Boisvert,
“Increasing Accounts Payable efficiency and productivity, while also taking care of workflow automation, gives Medius’s ecosystem a significant competitive advantage, especially with the PaasportTM iPaaS platform being truly scalable and managed 24/7.”
- Gord Boisvert, Director of Professional Services and PMO

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Launchpad is your technology partner, committed to driving seamless digital transformation. Specializing in app, data, and people integration, we supercharge your journey. Our iPaaS platform, PaasportTM, simplifies software integration and workflow automation. We also have handpicked IT experts in your time zone, helping you launch faster, streamline your projects, and cut costs. Your digital future starts here. Learn more:

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Medius links invoice capture, processing and payment to replace the worry and wondering of managing AP with calm and confidence. Medius goes far beyond basic automation by using artificial intelligence to do most of the work – so invoices get confirmed, coded and paid; AP teams get to go home and rest easy; and businesses can trust their budgets and forecasts. Medius, on a mission to transform the spend management category using the power of automation and AI, has more than 4,000 customers across 102 countries and processes $200 billion in annual spend through its system. Visit to learn more.

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