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Launchpad is a people and integration services company.

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“Launchpad is the gold standard of companies. It is the best job I’ve ever had. There are great people at work from all over the world.”

James Pineault

Team Member @ Launchpad


We elevate and integrate people to make technology useful.

People First Philosophy - we truly care about our employees as individuals and understand why they choose to spend a big part of their day working at Launchpad, why we trust them to represent us to the external world.

At the core of our strategy, we believe our employees are critical to our overall success. We believe in “Hone Your Craft” and are invested in their unique development and ensuring that they are widely successful in their role – for the success of our company.


We bring people and technology together.

Our vision is to work together seamlessly to achieve extraordinary business outcomes and create more efficient societies.


Message from our CEO

"Here at Launchpad we are people first. We support our team members to learn continually, hone their crafts, and measure success by our clients'. When people and technology align with the right vision and tools, it leads to amazing results. This is the driving force behind Launchpad. Every day we raise the bar and we do it as a team."


Meet The Leadership Team.

Bruce Qi

Bruce Qi

Founder | Principal

A practitioner of servant leadership, team builder and enabler, Bruce comes with over 15 years of experience in the technology sector. He has led high profile engagements with organizations such as Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Salesforce, Oxford University, and World Trade Organization, etc, and has built teams across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Gord Boisvert

Gord Boisvert

Director, Professional Services and PMO

Gordon has been in the software industry for over 30 years and has successfully grown various software products from inception, development, and mass-market adoption. Gordon currently oversees operations and solution development at Launchpad, and has implemented processes and tools that are enabling rapid growth for the organization.

Megan Hollstedt

Megan Hollstedt

Communications Director

Megan is a Communications and Brand Specialist with more than 14 years of brand management experience and success. Megan's focus at Launchpad is to oversee the overall strategy and orchestration of the company's external communications activities and provide functional support to the leadership team.

Warren Wong

Warren Wong

Special Advisor

Warren is a strategic Human Capital Advisor and Business Consultant with more than 35 years of global human resources management leadership experience and success. He has forged a career passion in inspiring, enabling and transforming hyper-growth organizations. Warren works with the Launchpad leadership team on talent management and business strategy best practices.

José Luis Lavín

José Luis Lavín

General Manager LATAM

José Luis is a business consultant with over 20 years of experience. He is a skilled negotiator with expertise in global businesses in various sectors such as the food & beverage industry, retail, exports and telecommunications. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur, he has been engaged in the creation and development of startups in the IT industry.

Christine Lytal

Christine Lytal

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Christine brings more than 9 years experience in project management, business development, and partner management to her position at Launchpad. Christine's focus is developing, leading, and managing Launchpad's key strategic partnership program, while driving sales initiatives and teaching and motivating teams.

We work with the best companies in the world.

Core Values

Our values are our deepest beliefs and commitments.

It is the bedrock/DNA of our culture and reflects who we are and what we stand for as a company.


We strive to create constant learners in the organization and keep current with industry changes. Through personal development and continuous improvement, we enrich our lives and are better prepared to tackle opportunities as they arise. Each team player looks at change as an opportunity to learn and grow.

  • We invest in ourselves and one another and always are “Honing Our Craft.”
  • We do not allow ourselves to become complacent and never stop looking for improvements.
  • We believe in each other to achieve the next goal, however, challenging it may seem.
  • We aspire to be our best selves and help our clients be successful!


We treat all employees, clients, suppliers, vendors, partners and the general public fairly and without bias. We respect all opinions and support the right of free expression. We believe that everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve regardless of their starting point. We demonstrate honesty, respect and integrity and transparency.


We believe in operating honestly, openly, and ethically ensuring we deliver on our promises and do the right thing. We achieve the highest standards of excellence by embodying the highest ethical standards in delivering our work and communicating openly, authentically and with humility. Launchpad is respectful of others and will always do what is right – not just what is allowed. We follow through on commitments with each other and our clients.


We have an unyielding desire to succeed and are passionate about everything we do at Launchpad. But always remain humble. We act as one team driving towards a common purpose. We are client-focused with a bold and determined attitude delivering positive outcomes that meet our clients’ highest expectations and inspiring each other to achieve the best of ourselves.


With energy, natural inclination and determination, we get things done right. We roll up our sleeves and go for it. Having clear goals and achieving them, our people possess the inherent desire and motivation to exceed internally and externally to drive positive change. Our drive and core values distinguish us from the competition.

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