M&A Readiness

Acquiring a company? We make it easy to get an accurate picture of their financials no matter what apps they use. Being acquired? Increase your valuation by making it easy for your system to integrate with theirs.

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Your Streamlined Enterprise Architecture solution.

Whether you’re acquiring or being acquired, you need an integration framework that makes it easy for all the relevant data to be brought together and evaluated.

  • Financials
  • Logistics
  • Talent
  • Operations
  • products
  • Services
  • IT infrastructure
  • ...and more

Acquirers: Avoid Surprises

Only reliable data and reporting on a target acquisition enables you to evaluate if there is alignment with your M&A goals.

Acquirees: Be More Attractive

Get an integration framework that makes it easy for Acquirers to access your data, no matter what apps and systems they use.

Reduce Operating Costs

Having an integration framework that standardizes data across all subsidiaries lowers costs while increasing efficiency.

Smoother Transitions

M&A activities disrupt routines and add new work. An elegant integration of apps and workflows prevents business interruptions.

Your workflow + Our experience = Superior outcomes

Our experts and 400+ pre-built connectors mean you get rapid yet customized deployment of an integration solution that accelerates your business. Just ask our happy clients. On average they enjoy a 7x increase in efficiency.

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