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Your data connectivity challenges are unique. But no need to start from scratch. Leverage our customized application integration solutions instead.

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The solutions you need to be efficient.

Let’s get your applications, data and workflows automated to save you time and effort.

Customer 360

Ready to really understand your customers? Why, when and how they buy? We’ll get your apps working together to tell you. From marketing to ecommerce, fulfillment, support and more.

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Quote to Cash

Forget manual and redundant processes that create errors and drain profitability. We’ll automate your entire workflow, from storefront and CRM, to order management and accounting.

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Cash Management

With the right integration, your accounting system will access all the data needed to automate your cash management workflow, recognize your inventory status, and report your key metrics.

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Order Fulfilment

Leverage smart warehousing. Minimize inventory levels. Shorten fulfillment time. Track packages. These are the benefits you can realize when we integrate the apps behind your workflows.

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M&A Readiness

Acquiring a company? We make it easy to get an accurate picture of their financials no matter what apps they use. Being acquired? We make it easy for your system to integrate with theirs.

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Safe Software

“Launchpad’s team guided our transformation project to success through their expertise and knowledge of industry best practices."

Safe Software

Game-changing results you can expect.

It can be hard to imagine just how much workflow connection solutions can transform your organization. But here’s what’s waiting for you...


From tedious to automated

Leave the data management to the machines...they’re better at it anyway. Free up your team to do truly profitable work

From fragmented to integrated

With all your workflow apps connected and automated, you see the big picture instead of isolated and overwhelming data points.


From unmanageable to efficient

Your apps don’t integrate easily, so you’re left trying to tie everything together. Sure, it gets done...but it’s not the best. We can help. Just ask our happy clients. On average they enjoy a 7x increase in efficiency.

Need a custom solution?

No problem. Whatever your workflow or mix of apps, we’ll build your solution.

That’s the flexibility of being applications agnostic. We work with everything from custom legacy apps to internally-built apps and today’s leading ERPs, CRMs and enterprise solutions.

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