iPaaS Monthly News Roundup in November

Executive Summary: Are you curious about the advantages of iPaaS? You’re in the right place. This month’s roundup of articles dives into common data integration challenges and a pulse check on the rapid iPaaS market growth trends. Happy reading!

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Welcome to November's news roundup of the top articles in the month as selected by our team of experts.

Top 6 Articles in November:

1. How do high-growth companies use technology to inform strategy and drive results?

Fast-growing companies are in a constant state of transition, as high performance and growth can lead to ever-changing business priorities and challenges. Hear from a couple of SAP’s hypergrowth customers about how they use technology to inform their strategy and ultimately drive business results. SAP Managing Director, Midmarket and Ecosystem Greg Petraetis will share how businesses grow from being innovators to disruptors to category leaders and how the technology they choose can impact the future of their business productivity.

- Greg Petraetis, Tech Crunch

2. How To Tap Into The Potential Of ISV Integrations And Partnerships

The pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in traditional business models by showing how unprepared, fragile and rigid businesses were in the face of crisis. But organizations that quickly recalibrated their strategic plans via the principles of composability were better suited to survive the pandemic, as this modular setup allowed for greater agility and resilience.

- Borya Shaknovich, Forbes Councils Member

3. What the Future of Automation Looks Like (& How to Get Ahead Right Now)

A far cry from its early days on factory production lines, automation has entered into our organizations and found a place in the operations of every department — and it isn't going anywhere.

- Lucy Fuggle, HubSpot

4. Market Study Reveals 89% of Companies Struggle with Data and System Integration; Driving iPaaS Adoption

IDG and TeamDynamix joint study finds 66% of companies will invest in iPaaS to address data integration and automation challenges; another 27% already have.

- Business Wire

5. People Behind Automation

There is a clear hype to discuss automation with a lot of acronyms such as RPA, Hyper Automation, Intelligent Automation, Low-code, No-code and many others in use and in the headlines around the world, because technical and business people feel in a comfort zone when they are talking about technology.

- Julian Lupescu, Medium

6. 11 Most Common Data Integration Challenges (Solved For You)

Data integration is a much familiar term you might hear these days. It is the basis to build a data-driven business process in your enterprise. Furthermore, data integration helps you adopt new technologies, create successful business models, and make better decisions. However, data integration is neither easy nor simple. It comes with various challenges that can result in the opposite of what you want for the enterprise.

- Kavika Roy, Medium

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