ElevateYourCareer at Launchpad - Matias Camigliano: "We are constantly giving support to our people"

Executive Summary: Meet Matias Camigliano, our Team Engagement Manager in Argentina, embodying Launchpad's fairness and growth-centric culture. Explore opportunities now for your career advancement!

Employee Testimonial
Employee Testimonial
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"Hi, I am Matias Camigliano. I am from Argentina. I am an engagement manager and I was working here since September 2021.

For me, one of the most important [Launchpad] value is Fairness. If it is not the most important because it’s the one that guides every other core values. We are constantly giving

support to people, to customers. So you need to understand when you are giving benefits, when you are doing important things for the people that you need to be fair to all of them.

Hone Your Craft means to me several things. I can help people to get their personal

or learning or career objectives just by doing what a manager enjoys most is trying to influence and trying to help people to be better everyday. When I understand that we had some support to do some learning and the way that Launchpad pushes you in a light way, to improve your skills. It was really delightful."


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