ElevateYourCareer at Launchpad - Bruce Qi: "Where did our company name come from?"

Executive Summary: Our CEO and Founder, Bruce Qi discusses where the name "Launchpad" came from and what it means to him and our organization.

Employee Testimonial
Employee Testimonial
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"My name is Bruce Qi, Founder and CEO of Launchpad Technologies.

The name Launchpad comes from a deep belief in the organization to create a place where our people can grow, can shine, and can lift off their careers.

And often times people think about the motion of uplifting of a rocket and launching of a career and you are focused on that motion of upward lift, but as a company and as an organization, what's more important is to provide that foundation and a launching pad that's solid support for our people to lift off.

And I'm really proud to be part of the organization and leading the organization and proud to be a #launchpadder."


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