ElevateYourCareer at Launchpad - Amir Ghahremani: "Launchpad uses the newest and best technology"

Executive Summary: Learn more about our Paasport Team Manager, Amir Ghahremani as he discusses his team's success while using the best technology available.

Employee Testimonial
Employee Testimonial
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"My name is Amir. I'm the Paasport Team Manager. I've been with Launchpad for the past two years and I'm located in Toronto, Ontario.

What I enjoy most at Launchpad is that we are trying to achieve the best. We are trying to get the best technology out there and use the best technology, the newest technology as possible if suited to our team.

To whoever wants to apply for a certain position at Launchpad, just apply. That's basically the first step that you can do. Our talent team, their processes are very streamlined. You guys get the answers as soon as possible."


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