Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Get our Latin America based same-time-zone nearshore delivery team of experts working for you. Gain the agility you need to adapt to an ever-changing competitive landscape.

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Time Zone Aligned - Latin America's Top 5% talents for your North American team.

With our deep talent pool supporting your development and scaling, you can get back to focusing on your core while increasing your value-to-cost ratio.

  • Integration Development
  • Integration Admin
  • IT Managed Services
  • Salesforce Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Any other type of tech role

Increase Flexibility

Unanticipated workload challenges? Our talent gives you the flexibility to quickly add new resources while prioritizing your internal team.

Reduce Risk

Avoid the risk of costly project overruns by strategically bringing the right resources alongside your team at critical time periods.

One Team

Our onshore and nearshore teams merge with yours, using your tools and directed by your Team Leads through daily scrums and communications.

Save Time

We save you the time and work of having to recruit, onboard, develop, and retain highly skilled and specialized resources.

“Remote workers” are normal workers since the global pandemic showed up.

But not all remote workers are created equal. You need talent that shares your work ethic, culture and timezone. Not to mention having high-end skills. That’s why our hand-picked talent pool taps major tech firms and nearly 30 universities and post-secondary institutions.

VFP Consulting

“Launchpad has the expertise to bring the right team skill profile and energy to the project. We trust Launchpad to be an extension of our team.”


CEO @ VFP Consulting

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