School Information System Integration

Is your school still manually creating Government compliance reports for submission? Are you trying to get data out of your Education Management Software? See how our School Automation Package can streamline your critical compliance needs.

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Automate your critical school compliance needs.

School compliance reports to the governments are vital to school funding, students advancement and graduation. Automate this critical process to ensure your compliance is always reliable and consistent.

  • Automated
  • Reliable
  • Predictable
  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Future Proof

1-Click Solution

With a simple 1-click of a button, our solution aggregates data and generates the reports for submission.

World-Class Security

Data is encrypted leveraging world-class security protocols. No critical data is stored in the platform.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

24/7 professional support, ongoing maintenance and upgrades of the solution.

Scalable for Future Growth

The solution is easily and quickly updated to meet inevitable tech and process changes.

VFP Consulting

"The Launchpad team kept the process on track and we got exactly what we were expecting. To have a smooth software implementation process is pretty rare."

- Michael LeBlanc

Director of IT, St. John's School

Client Story

5 Critical Factors When Automating Your Government-Compliant School Reports

When schools are submitting data and reports to their district or government, they can't afford mistakes that could result in losing out on funding or preventing a student from advancing or graduating. That’s why St. John's School in Vancouver turned to Launchpad for help with their education management software automation.

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