iPaaS Monthly News Roundup in July

Executive Summary: Are Data Silos a problem in your organization? Unfortunately, few can say no but have no fear there is a solution. iPaas! More on this as well as the biggest data management news items from the first half of 2021 and more in this month's roundup...Join our Vice President of Sales, Darren Nicholls as he outlines the top articles of the month and provides you with insights on key points and updates.

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July's iPaaS Insights

Join our Vice President of Sales, Darren Nicholls as he outlines the top articles of the month and provides you with insights on key points and updates.

Darren's Top 10 Articles in July:

1. Automating Sales: All Your Apps and Data, All Working Together

Sales is the art of human interactions and the science of data-backed decisions. But as many sales professionals will attest, gaining easy access to all the data needed to make precise, informed, timely decisions during the sales process can be challenging. Without full visibility into data and the ability for that data to flow between applications, sales is fighting in the dark. Revenue is lost, left on the table, or hunted for in the wrong place.

- George Mogannam, CRO, SnapLogic

2. Cloud-Based Integration is Becoming a Catalyst for Post-Pandemic Recover

Software integration has been a long-standing item on any hotel operation’s to-do list. As with all things related to the pandemic, however, the focus is changing. Not only have integration efforts accelerated, hoteliers have had to take an entirely new perspective on the technologies that need to be adopted or enhanced when restrictions are lifted.

- Denise Deveau, Kostuch Media Ltd.

3. The Challenges of Smart Manufacturing

To help manufacturers understand, and overcome, some of the challenges associated with smart manufacturing, Martin Thunman, CEO and Co-Founder of leading low-code platform for streaming analytics, automation and integration for industrial IoT, Crosser shares his insight.

- Martin Thunman, CEO, Crosser Technologies

4. What is iPaaS? Integrating data flows to create new services

An integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a cloud-based software package used to create new applications or to orchestrate data flows by linking together existing services and applications. It provides a way for organizations to readily make use of basic building blocks to streamline a process or establish a new service. For example, an iPaaS might stitch together a database that stores customer information, an API for converting an address into geographic coordinates, and a third-party service for processing credit card transactions so that users can complete tasks with one stop.

- Peter Wayner, CIO

5. Struggling with IT modernization? Get to know iPaaS

According to an April 2021 Government Accountability Office report, federal agencies plan to spend over $100 billion this fiscal year on IT -- most of which will be used to operate and maintain existing and legacy systems.

- Joseph Flynn, GCN

6. Automotive Software Integration & Testing

In the world of constantly changing ecosystems and variables, the Quality element is always a moving target. A user expects his product to be exceptionally robust and functional in any dire environment. The Million dollar question is how to achieve a fail-safe system which continuously interfaces with unpredictable environmental factors.

- Moulikannan Selvaraj, Jaguar Land Rover China

7. Five MarTech Trends to Keep an Eye On

The need for speed, the waning of third-party cookies, and budget restrictions are behind what experts contend are among the MarTech trends below that marketers need to know about.

- Sherry Chiger, Chief Marketer

8. Global Integrated Platform as a Service (IPaaS) Market 2021 to Witness High Growth in Near Future

Integrated Platform as a Service (IPaaS) Market Research Study, Exploratory study consisted of primary and secondary analytical techniques to derive market data. The power of the market is when private companies around the world are soliciting ideas from governments and the public to reduce the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to obtain premium insights, quality data statistics and information on aspects such as market scope, market size, share, service and product types, application/end-use segments, SWOT analysis, and segments such as different geography evolving. In the general version of this study, some of the profiled players are IBM Corporation, MuleSoft Inc., Oracle Corporation, Fujitsu Ltd., Red Hat Inc., SAP SE, Microsoft Corp., Capgemini SE, TIBCO Software Inc., Dell Inc..

- Introspective Market Research

9. The Biggest Data Management News Items During the First Half of 2021

Data management can sometimes prove to be an overwhelming process. There are inherent risks in moving, mixing, and matching data to meet the needs of an enterprise. The data management market offers a broad spectrum of products that can be used to analyze data from disparate and increasingly diverse sources. Traditional data warehousing techniques are slowly being phased out with the adoption of data lakes, and cloud connectivity has emerged as a differentiating factor in a growing number of deployments.

- Timothy King, Staff Pick

10. Getting Rid of Data Silos with iPaaS

With an increase in the amount of data generated, data silos have elevated. Companies such as TIBCO are offering their iPaaS solutions to smoothen things over.

- AI TechPark

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