ElevateYourCareer at Launchpad - Mariana Feliu: "Launchpad is a highly supportive community"

Executive Summary: Learn more about our Talent Acquisition specialist, Mariana Feliu as she discusses what drives her and the advice she would give to people looking to join the Launchpad team.

Employee Testimonial
Employee Testimonial
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"Hi, my name is Mariana Feliu video I am from Bariloche, Argentina. I am a client acquisition specialist and I have been working at Launchpad for 14 months now.

Here at launch, you will find a highly supportive community of people that will help you grow as a professional and achieve your goals. Of course, I must say that working 100% remotely, I am able to spend quality time with my family and do the things that I love the most.

To someone thinking about applying to Launchpad, first of all, I would say go ahead and apply and make a recruiter happy because we need your application!

And then I would say in my everyday interviews, lots of candidates that are looking for their first job experience working for a foreign company, many times English is a barrier. Practice your English before your interview and be prepared to have not only an interview but also a learning session that will help you through your search of a new job with a foreign company."


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