Launchpad Technologies Inc. is a powerhouse in integrations, system implementations, and custom development. Our team helps enterprise clients and partners deliver successful projects across various industry sectors.




Bruce Qi

Founder & Principal

Bruce founded Launchpad after 15 years of honing his skills in Technology and Business Process Consulting. Having worked with renowned Fortune 500 brands and combined with a military background, Bruce embodies the Professionalism, Servant Leadership, and Teamwork that are engrained in the Launchpad ethos.

Gord Boisvert

Director, Professional Services & PMO

With over 30 years experience in software integration, product development and project management, Gord has helped 200+ client organizations implement complex multi-system integration projects, such as City of Chicago, City of Seattle and State of Maryland.

Jim MacInnes

Chief Architect

Jim is a seasoned technologist with 25 years of senior level experience in enterprise architecture, integrations, and custom software development. He has worked with some of the most highly recognizable names on the Fortune 500 list including TimeWarner, Pfizer, Salesforce, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, and Visa.

Graeme Pitches

Director, Business Development

Graeme brings a wealth of business development expertise and international experience in the energy logistics industry to the Launchpad team. As a former university track athlete, Graeme thrives on chasing down new business opportunities and partnerships for the Launchpad portfolio of services.

Yoseph Chandra

Senior Solutions Architect

With his passion for cloud architecture, love for the Salesforce platform and “we can do better” attitude, Yoseph’s contributions are critical to the success of every mission. As the leader of Launchpad’s Salesforce practice, Yoseph thrives on exceeding expectations with our partners and clients.


Our trusted colleagues in business service excellence


At Launchpad we have a purpose – bringing the best we have individually and combining that to achieve more as a collective. Five themes cultivate our ethos and together help us achieve the ultimate objective – to support your growth and connect your organization.


Curiosity runs deep in our veins at Launchpad Technologies Inc., and we believe this is what drives us to become experts in every technology we touch. We thrive on challenge, embrace new and emerging ideas, and set the execution bar high.


We’ve seen the importance of consistency first hand – it’s the all-important follow through, the commitment to completion, and the way we earn and keep your trust.


We love to solve problems. To do that we need a multi-faceted approach and a true understanding of the whole picture. We spark creativity to innovate and set a clear view of where we are today and where we’re going.


The power of team is essential to any successful project, both for our own Launchpad team, and for our clients. We embrace all skills and perspectives, seeking out unique approaches to find the best solution.


To be dynamic in technology is to be fundamentally adaptable and to see problems before they happen. We continuously bring best-in-class processes and people to solve your unique challenges.

I see Launchpad as a PLATFORM for enabling EXCELLENCE and RAISING THE BAR."

Bruce Qi, Founder, Launchpad Technologies Inc.

I see Launchpad as a PLATFORM for enabling EXCELLENCE and RAISING THE BAR."

Bruce Qi, Founder, Launchpad Technologies Inc.